Forthcoming Programmes 2012 - 2013
Inner Peace Centre for Conscious Living                                 The trustees are pleased to announce the following programmes and workshops to
promote inner peace.  

 Journey to Inner Peace
A series of monthly workshops that explore aspects of inner peace. In October,
November and December 2010 we will focus on the role of conscious breathing and
how it can be used effectively to experience deep inner peace. Workshops in 2011 will
focus on the roles of the heart and the mind respectively from different world views.

Radiant Yoga Child                                                                                                                                                                                    This unique programme develops the inner radiance of a child through a fascinating
combination of story telling, yoga and meditation, song and mantra. Weekly classes for
two age groups: 4-7 and 8-11 respectively start on Thursday 16th September 2010.   

Yoga Foundation Course                                                                                                                                                                                      A programme for students who wish to acquire an internationally accredited
qualification in Yoga. Starts in January 2011.

 How to Remove Your Inner Fears and Calm Your Mind?
A special one day practical workshop organised by Intuitive Management Solutions 

Daily Meditation & Yoga for Inner Peace                                                                                                                      Programmes are held at various locations and customised for individual, small groups
and for corporate groups.

 Inner Peace Restorative Yoga
A practical weekly programme to help improve the well being and quality of life for the
chronically ill, post operative and people who are restricted in mobility in any way.
A guide for any one who thinks their body is failing them. One to one support is

 Music for Inner Peace
A participative musical event.
A special concert of classical music.

Further Information:                                                                                                               
Tel: 01462 67745