Meditation for Schools   

A Tailor made program

The following program is being taught at a private school in Letchworth Garden City for the last three years.

Each round is a ten week cycle of 1 hour around the term timetable.

This program is now offered to other similar organisations and groups

  • Purpose
    The overall purpose of this series of meditation and Yoga sessions is to help students experience inner peace, improve self awareness and there-by improving other aspects of their lives including self - esteem. To share a ‘road map’ of how they continue this journey to improve outside of the class.

  • Session objectives:
    To reinforce the basic concepts of meditation and the ‘road map’ to improving self awareness. Practise meditations; Humming, mindful walking, breath awareness, chocolate meditation, chanting Introduce the students to how to connect with themselves and their environment though Science, poetry, art and relationships through simple but effective role paying exercises. How to apply this knowledge to help themselves to improve their friendships, academic and sports performance

  •  Examples of Activities:
    Music, Laughter, Different types of meditation experiences:Chocolate, conscious walking and breath awareness, humming, singing. Students learn all the practical aspects of how to do mediation, its benefits keep their practice

    If you would like to initiate a similar program in your school or with a group of children on a regular basis please contact: or kindly leave you details    click here