Indian Cookery    

One day Workshop Observe, Participate & Enjoy

the recipes and take home the leftovers

This one day workshop is for all lovers of Indian food

It is offered to small groups (4 - 6) and at times & days to suit their life styles

  • Purpose
    To learn and experience putting together a complete menu.

  • Menu:
    The menu is selected on a Conscious Living healthy lifestyle choice basis and incorporates the six tastes of Ayurvedic cooking,nutrition,whole foods, fresh ingredients and carefully selected organic herbs and spices.

  • Typical Activities:
    Review of the foundations of the three body types and six tastes of Indian (Ayurvedic) cookery. Review of key aspects of nutrition and weight management. Preparing the food and cooking together. Take a dinner party menu home with cooking instructions Enjoying the tastes.

  • Price & Duration:
    £50 per person with a minimum group size of four. Typical timing is 11 to 3 but this can be adjusted to meet individual needs. All materials are included.

  • Location:
    The classes are held in custom built kitchens at Letchworth Garden City Also available at client locations.

  • If you would like to join us in the next forthcoming workshop, kindly leave your details  click here